DIY: Magical Colour Changing Crayons

DIY: Magical Colour Changing Crayons

Master H is soon celebrating his 4th party, which means only one thing – Paarrrttttyyyyy! Well, that’s how he would pronounce it. I call it ‘The-big-final-after-weeks-of-preparations’. True to myself, a lot of the stuff that’ll go into the goodie bags will be homemade. Follow this years preparations here.

After last years ‘Thomas-the-train’-party, I’ll be hosting a scavenger hunt with appr. 5 stations to find. At each station they’ll have to master either a game or a quizz in order to get the next clue and a price to go in their goodie bags, one of which will be a magical colour changing crayon. Homemade, of course. And here’s how they’re made. Clipboard12

Clipboard01 Go through your drawers and bags and search for those old, broken crayons you’ve already forgotten about. Especially those cheap once that came free with the kids meal. You’ll also need a a nice mould. I’m using the Ikea ice cube moulds, 99 pence each. Get a knife and chopping board ready.
Peel the wrappping paper off. Once I made a slit along the paper, the little one joined in. If necessary, use the knife to scrap remaining papers off. Clipboard02
Clipboard06 Chop the crayons into small pieces. If the knife isn’t to sharp, let the little one join in.
Fill the moulds with crayon pieces. Mix all colours to get a magic colour changing crayon. Stack as high as possible in order to avoid refilling more than once. Clipboard07
Clipboard08 Preheat the oven to 100° Celsius. Cover tray in aluminium foil to avoid contamination. Place mould on tray and back for appr. 10 minutes.
Use a wooden stick to release air bubbles. Don’t mix the colours, only gently poke the liquid crayons. If necessary, top up the mould with additional crayon pieces and repeat baking until the mould is completely filled. Clipboard09
Clipboard11 Carefully peel the magical colour changing crayons out of the moulds and enjoy colouring your world.
The small print: I did not came up with this idea on my own. I came across this ‘Making Crayons’ idea while reading the fantastic ‘Make It and Love It’ blog. Finally, to entertain you and proofing that I can be a total idiot at times, here’s a picture of what happens if you follow their instruction but forget to transfer Fahrenheit into Celcius: fail1

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2 responses to “DIY: Magical Colour Changing Crayons

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  2. Beth

    Wonderful ideas here for a 4 year old paaaaarty! :) Would love to know if you have posted the scavenger hunt with the 5 stations and the clues! Thanks!

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